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Public speaking is among the most useful and sought-after skills in business, academia, and personal life.

However, it is also one of the most feared skills, with over 75% of people experiencing some form of speech anxiety.

The good news is public speaking is a learnable skill that can be developed with proper training and practice.

In this guide, you will learn public speaking in-depth, from managing nerves to crafting compelling speeches.

I will also share some of the best free online public speaking courses to help you improve your skills.

With the right mindset and these resources, you can become an effective public speaker who engages audiences and achieves your communication goals.

Let’s get started!

Public Speaking Anxiety

Before improving as a public speaker, it is useful to understand where speaking nerves and anxiety come from.

Fear of public speaking is incredibly common, although the severity varies.

Things that can trigger this are:

  • Fear of being judged. Worrying that the audience will criticise you if you mess up.
  • Fear of the unknown. You don’t know how the audience will react.
  • Lack of preparation. Not having a plan makes it scarier.
  • Perfectionism. Putting pressure on yourself to be perfect.

The good news is anxiety is a normal human response.

Reframing it as excitement and using it as fuel for an engaging performance can help you succeed.

Proper preparation is also key to reducing anxiety and boosting confidence.

Essential Public Speaking Skills

While speaking skills come more naturally to some people, public speaking is a skill that involves many different competencies.

Essential Public Speaking Skills

Learning these elements can help you become a skilled presenter.

Speech Creation

The foundation of any good presentation is in the content itself.

When creating a speech, think about your audience and goals to shape your words.

Use strong evidence and stories to make your speech persuasive and memorable.

Have a clear structure that is easy to follow.

Prepare thoroughly, but avoid memorising a script.


Your delivery involves both verbal and nonverbal communication.

Make eye contact with the audience.

Use vocal variety in your tone, volume and inflexion.

Let your passion and enthusiasm for your topic shine through.

Avoid filler words like “um” and “uh.”

Use intentional movements and gestures.

Your delivery brings your speech to life.


Human beings think in stories.

Build a narrative structure with an introduction, conflict and resolution to engage your listeners.

Use vivid details and emotions when telling stories. Dialogue is another powerful storytelling tool.

Appeal to the five senses with imagery.

Stories make your speech relatable, compelling and hard to forget.

Visual Aids

Visual aids like PowerPoint decks, Prezi presentations, charts and more can enhance your speech.

Ensure aids are simple, easy to see and supplement your content rather than duplicating it.

Avoid cramming too much text and data into slides. Images, videos and infographics are highly engaging.


Like any skill, excellent public speaking requires practice.

Rehearse your speech aloud and in front of others multiple times to refine the content and delivery.

Become comfortable on stage through open mics, karaoke or acting classes.

Get feedback from trusted mentors. Each speech will make you more polished.

Free Online Public Speaking Courses

Utilising free online courses is an accessible way to start improving your public speaking skills.

Free Online Public Speaking Courses

Here are some top Free Public Courses:

Public Speaking & Communication Masterclass

  • It’s a free 2-hour power-paced training
  • You can access on YouTube
  • No sign up required
  • It’s free

This course is developed by a life coaching and public speaker, Mr. Abhishek Gupta.

Learn More: Free Public Speaking Course by Abhishek Gupta

Coursera Public Speaking Course

– Created by University of Washington professors

– Covers content creation, speech anxiety, delivery, and more

– Self-paced with 2-4 hour weekly commitment

– 15 hours of content

– Language English

– Subtitles are in 20+ languages

– Quizzes and assessments

– 4.8 rating

Learn More: Free Public Speaking Course

Udemy Public Speaking Course

– 40+ minutes of video content

– Created by David Grig

– 4.5 rating

– Access completely free with Udemy account

– Be a better speaker, based on ~1000 workshops.

Explore Udemy Public Speaking Course!

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone
  • students
  • Product Owners
  • Sales People
  • Consultants

edX Public Speaking Course

– Rochester Institute of Technology: Public Speaking

– Build confidence as a speaker by learning how to use simple tools and skills to prepare and deliver memorable presentations.

– 4.4 stars

– Free (limited content access)

What you’ll learn

  • How to apply the basic elements of the speech communication process
  • Tools and methods for controlling public speaking anxiety
  • How to craft a clear and impactful speech
  • How to critique other communicators using the principles of this course
  • How to identify main and supporting ideas

Learn More About edX Course!

YouTube Channels

– TED: Watch and analyse real TED Talks

– The Art of Public Speaking: Quick tips from public speaking coach

– Public Speaking – OpenClassrooms (Playlist)

Learning Public Speaking Takes Time

Like any complex skill, honing your public speaking ability requires an investment of time and effort.

Learning Public Speaking Takes Time

Be patient with yourself throughout the process.

Some helpful tips:

  • Break down larger goals into smaller, manageable steps.
  • Expect growth over time, not perfection overnight.
  • Reflect on each speech experience and learn from both successes and missteps.
  • Regularly practice speeches in low-stakes environments.
  • Continue learning by reading, taking courses, and analysing great
  • Partner with a mentor or coach for constructive feedback.

You can become a polished, masterful public speaker ready to take on any audience with consistent effort, continual learning, and purposeful practice.

The journey will boost confidence, career prospects, and communication abilities that benefit all areas of life.

Final Thoughts: Free Public Speaking Courses

Strong public speaking skills are invaluable in reaching people, sharing ideas, furthering causes and achieving goals.

While public speaking anxiety is common, the skills involved can absolutely be developed with education and practice.

This guide provided an in-depth overview of understanding nerves, and essential competencies like speech writing, delivery techniques, storytelling, etc. We also shared free online courses that offer public speaking training anyone can access.

Set a vision for the public speaker you aim to become. Put in the work to consistently improve.

You’ll be able to inform, inspire and influence audiences like never before.

What public speaking goals will you start working towards today?

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